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Ben Mynatt Buick Dealership Upgrade

Ben Mynatt Buick Dealership Upgrade

CM Black completed an extensive upgrade to the Ben Mynatt Buick GMC dealership in Concord, NC in 2012.

The project involved an interior renovation, as well as an external facade upgrade. Also included in the retrofit were new interior finishes, custom aluminum composite wall panels, a new car canopy, freestanding GM tower accenting the main entry, and several other enhancements to the overall design.

CM Black was able to complete the project without hindering the use of the majority of the existing facility. Justin Black, Project Manager for CM Black, states, “The Mynatt team was amazing in conveying their constraints and needs to us. They understand the importance of both teams working together to meet the same goal”.

Ben Mynatt Buick owner, Cyndie Mynatt, explains, “From an owner’s perspective, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience than we had with CM Black. Their attention to detail made me comfortable that little things weren’t being overlooked. Whenever decisions had to be made, they always gave me great advice, so I knew I was making informed, cost-effective choices”.

Black adds, “Being that Mynatt is a family-owned company, I see many familiarities in the ways we approach business. Providing the best service to their customers is their top priority, and the upgraded facility was designed to help ensure they continue to provide that high quality service.”

Ben Mynatt Buick GMC is located at 289 Concord Parkway South in Concord.