CM Black to Complete 3 New Projects for Wingate University

CM Black to Complete 3 New Projects for Wingate University

Wingate University has chosen CM Black Construction for more than 20 construction projects on its campus over the years. The ongoing partnership has recently produced a new three-level Freshman dormitory on the University’s campus, and is now continuing with several new projects in the works.

CM Black Construction, Wingate University Freshman Dorm

Wingate University Freshman Dormitory | 2013

In November 2013, construction began on a 5,600-square-foot addition to the University’s Batte Fine Arts Center, also built by CM Black Construction. The new facility, to be named Hinson Art Gallery, will house the University’s extensive art collection, including a Ben Long Fresco. The Gallery will be comprised of a conventional wood-framed structure with a brick veneer facade.

CM Black is overseeing another addition to the Fine Arts Center as well, which will house the Wingate Music Department. The new addition will include six practice rooms, two studio offices, a large rotunda lobby, vocal hall and comprehensive choral and opera library.

Finally, CM Black will complete a 7,500-square-foot renovation to an existing building on the Wingate Campus, which will house a new bookstore and restaurant for the University. The new facility will combine two existing spaces for the bookstore.

Check back regularly for more information and updates on the recent Wingate University projects.


Past projects for the University have also included the Cannon Dorms and three residence halls, several renovation projects, the Hayes Classroom Building, and most recently the Levine College of Health Sciences Building, which was just finished last year.  To learn more about CM Black’s partnership with Wingate, check out this short video where Wingate President, Dr. Jerry McGee, discusses the successful relationship and some notable projects.

CM Black Builds Residence for Brain Injury Survivors

CM Black Builds Residence for Brain Injury Survivors

In 2012, CM Black completed a full-time, group residence for the non-profit organization, Hinds’ Feet Farm, which is dedicated to providing therapeutic and rehabilitation services to individuals living with traumatic brain injuries.

The mountain-style retreat, located in Huntersville, is fully handicapped-accessible, and provides a home for up to six individuals, where they will be able to receive round-the-clock care.

The residence, dubbed “Puddin’s Place”, combines technical design and functionality with rustic, personal features, including the use of recycled wood, donated materials and antique beams.

“Hinds’ Feet Farm is proud to have partnered with CM Black for this important project,” says the non-profit’s Executive Director, Marty Foil. “We selected CM Black due to our long standing relationship, their passion for quality, attention to detail and professional ethics.

Wingate Levine College of Health Sciences Building

The 69,000 square-foot Levine College of Health Sciences facility is comprised of a structural steel frame, metal stud exterior walls, and brick veneer that is accented with pre-cast bands. Its roof is a standing seam metal roof, and the inside includes two laboratories, complete with laboratory casework. The building is targeted to receive Silver LEED certification. The three-story building houses the School of Pharmacy and Physicians Assistant at Wingate, and is one of the landmark achievements in CM Black’s 60-year history.

It also is designed to meet the highest standards in teaching with three 90-seat lecture halls, two 50-seat classrooms, clinical simulations labs, decision simulation labs, a physical assessment lab, a pharmacy practice lab, an iv admixture lab, a fitness center, food service, conference rooms, and a biomedical science library and drug information center.

The building followed strict green building requirements, as CM Black recycled nearly 90 percent of its waste, and 30 percent of its construction was done with recycled materials. The project also cut down on emissions because more than 44 percent of materials were extracted and manufactured locally. The project also had more than 83 percent of its wood FSC-certified, and also substantially enhanced its indoor air quality through specified HVAC safeguards and tactics.

“Dr. Craig Boyer told me he has personally been in 110 of the 115 pharmacy schools in America, and this building is the finest he has ever seen,” Wingate University President Jerry McGee said at the ribbon cutting for the facility. “I agree with Dr. Boyer.”

Hinds Feet Farm Phase I

Hinds Feet Farm Phase I

387544_271531546235395_886960860_nThis 3,330 SF rustic design Arts and Crafts facility (referred to as the Ark) consists of hand-hewed beams and rafters, exterior pealed log columns, rough sawed vertical siding, Tennessee stone veneer, and a standing seam copper roof. The interior contains custom heart pine and maple casework, custom light fixtures and heart pine doors, tile floors and granite counter tops.

The Ark is used to provide an enriched and nurturing environment for brain injury survivors through arts and crafts therapy, physical therapy, an alternative place to eat meals, and as a gathering place for families to spend with a loved one.

Albemarle City Hall

Albemarle City Hall

The renovation and expansion of the Albemarle City Hall was awarded the Best Public Building Improvement award by the North Carolina Main Street Center in 2010. The project added more than 30,000 square feet to the complex and also renovated the original 12,000 square foot structure. It will enable the city’s administrative functions to be consolidated into one facility.


The project added more than 30,000 square feet to the complex and also renovated the original 12,000 square foot structure. It will enable the city’s administrative functions to be consolidated into one facility.

The historic city hall first opened in 1938. The facility includes a new city council chambers that can seat at least 100 people. The facility also has a community training room, a new audio/visual system, and a drive-through collections window. It can also be expanded if necessary.

One of the most impressive aspects of the project was that it was completed on time with a total project cost of $9.5 million, more than $1 million under the original budget.

“CM Black did a terrific job. All the comments I have received and heard here say the building couldn’t be any nicer. CM Black is to be commended. We were fortunate to have them on the project.”

Albemarle Mayor Elbert “Whit” Whitley Jr.

Wingate University Hayes Classroom

Wingate University Hayes Classroom


The 13,000 square-foot Hayes Classroom building features wood frame and masonry veneer. It houses 11 state-of-the-art classrooms and two office suites. The classrooms are fully equipped for multi-media, web-based, interactive instruction, and provide a wireless computer environment for faculty and students.

The building is designed to complement the architecture of the adjacent and recently renovated Burris Hall, Wingate’s oldest classroom building dating back to 1933.

Wingate University Phase III Residence Hall

Wingate University’s newest Residence Hall was completed in 2010, 20 percent faster than similar projects due to the urgent need of the university, which faced record freshman enrollment. The 26,536 square foot 3-story structure consists of wood frame construction with exterior masonry veneer and vinyl siding.

The housing structure contains nine suites consisting of four shared bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, common living area and kitchen.

“The new apartment building is beautiful and comfortable.”

Jerry McGee, Wingate University President

Wingate University Fine Arts Center/Auditorium

This 46,000 SF fine arts center/auditorium features a steel frame structural system and masonry veneer. The fine arts center/auditorium consists of a combination of theatrical and music departments. Special features of this facility include a main auditorium for seating 528 people, an auxiliary recital hall that seats 275 people and a secured gallery for storage of permanent art displays.

The main auditorium has a stage complete with theatrical rigging and a 400 SF orchestra pit nine feet below finished floor.

“Good communication and working closely with the architect made this project a success.”

Emmitt Black

“Hands on management, the ability to meet the architect’s and the owner’s requests on time made this a really successful project. We are fortunate to have great clients and team members that makes us look good.”

Clinton M. Black II

“During my 30-year career in higher education, I’ve been involved in the planning and construction of dozens of campus facilities. The most pleasant and successful project I have dealt with was the construction of the George Batte Fine Arts Center on the Wingate University campus. It was an absolute joy to work with Clinton and Emmitt Black and their entire staff. I recommend them with great enthusiasm.”

Jerry E. McGee
Wingate University

TASCA Race Team

The TASCA race team needed a facility centrally located in Concord, NC, considered by many to be the home of motorsports. With the addition of the new Z-Max Dragway, several NHRA teams have moved into the area to call Concord their home headquarters.

The building, which is nearly 10,000 square feet, is a pre-fabricated metal building. Inside the building are the offices for the Crew Chief and Co-Crew Chief. The rest of the race shop consists of mostly open area for fabrication and work performed on the 300 mph Funny Car. There is also a room dedicated to a blower dyno, where the crew can test/monitor/adjust the parameters of the supercharger that propels the car.

Harrisburg Fire Department

Harrisburg Fire Department

Picture 010

This office building is utilized by both Harrisburg Fire Dept. personnel and Harrisburg Sheriff Dept. personnel. The 3,700 square-foot building is a single story, metal stud with brick veneer structure that includes offices for the Fire Chief and Sheriff. It also includes a training room for training purposes.

Wingate University – Cannon Hall Annex

Wingate University – Cannon Hall Annex

CannonAnnexBldg (1)

The approximately 20,100 square-foot Cannon Hall Annex blends with the style of existing housing to create a unified look. The three-story structure, designed by Yates Chreitzberg Hughes Architects, contains nine suites consisting of four bedrooms. Each bedroom will accommodate two students and shares a bathroom, common living area and kitchen.