CM Black to Complete 3 New Projects for Wingate University

CM Black to Complete 3 New Projects for Wingate University

CM Black to Complete 3 New Projects for Wingate University

Wingate University has chosen CM Black Construction for more than 20 construction projects on its campus over the years. The ongoing partnership has recently produced a new three-level Freshman dormitory on the University’s campus, and is now continuing with several new projects in the works.

CM Black Construction, Wingate University Freshman Dorm

Wingate University Freshman Dormitory | 2013

In November 2013, construction began on a 5,600-square-foot addition to the University’s Batte Fine Arts Center, also built by CM Black Construction. The new facility, to be named Hinson Art Gallery, will house the University’s extensive art collection, including a Ben Long Fresco. The Gallery will be comprised of a conventional wood-framed structure with a brick veneer facade.

CM Black is overseeing another addition to the Fine Arts Center as well, which will house the Wingate Music Department. The new addition will include six practice rooms, two studio offices, a large rotunda lobby, vocal hall and comprehensive choral and opera library.

Finally, CM Black will complete a 7,500-square-foot renovation to an existing building on the Wingate Campus, which will house a new bookstore and restaurant for the University. The new facility will combine two existing spaces for the bookstore.

Check back regularly for more information and updates on the recent Wingate University projects.


Past projects for the University have also included the Cannon Dorms and three residence halls, several renovation projects, the Hayes Classroom Building, and most recently the Levine College of Health Sciences Building, which was just finished last year.  To learn more about CM Black’s partnership with Wingate, check out this short video where Wingate President, Dr. Jerry McGee, discusses the successful relationship and some notable projects.