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Green Building Outlook

Green Building Outlook

lfhcredits2Some trends in construction don’t have staying power, but it appears green building will continue to be a big trend well into the next decade and beyond.

Bank of America announced earlier this month that 20 percent of its office space will be LEED certified by 2015, and New York, Chicago and Washington DC all expect to have more than 650 LEED-certified buildings constructed in the coming years. There is already more than 1 billion square feet of LEED-certified projects built throughout the world, and that number continues to grow.

Locally, two data centers to be constructed by Time Warner Cable will also be LEED-certified. Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Family Dollar have also been recognized for their green building efforts.

CM Black Construction Company understands the value of green building and its benefits to the environment, and continues its pledge to utilize LEED-certified buildings whenever feasible.

“We have already had extensive experience with LEED-certified projects, including the Levine College of Health Sciences Building at Wingate University and the Board of Elections building in Cabarrus County,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “Our staff is committed to building sustainable buildings that include recycled materials and minimal waste as much as possible, and we look forward to keeping up that effort.”

The Levine College of Health Sciences building illustrates that. That building recycled nearly 90 percent of its waste, and 30 percent of its construction was done with recycled materials.

The project also cut down on emissions because more than 44 percent of materials were extracted and manufactured locally. The project also had more than 83 percent of its wood FSC-certified, and also substantially enhanced its indoor air quality through specified HVAC safeguards and tactics.

All of those techniques are expected to help the Levine College of Health Sciences building earn a silver LEED certification, and continue CM Black’s quest for green building.

“We carefully examined every step of the building process for the Levine College of Health Sciences building to ensure we were adhering to the green building standards to maintain LEED certification,” CM Black LEED AP Project Manager Justin Black said. “This building is not only a marvel to look at, but an environmentally friendly structure that will be a big benefit in the years to come.”

CM Black adds Emilee Black Stamper as Project Manager

CM Black Construction Company continues its growth with the addition of Emilee Stamper as a Project Manager. Emilee has a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from UNC Charlotte, and also holds a General Contractor’s Building License. Emilee is also continuing CM Black’s focus on Green Building, and recently earned her Green Associate Accreditation, the first pre-requisite for the LEED AP Accreditation.

“I’m ready to help our clients develop their green building ideas and continue that trend,” Emilee said. “I’ve always seen the construction business up close all my life and I am looking forward to this challenge,”

Emilee is the daughter of CM Black President Emmitt Black, continuing the family business into its third generation along with cousin Justin Black, who is also a Project Manager.

“We are happy to have Emilee join our team,” said CM Black Vice President Clinton Black. “We are committed to constructing sustainable and environmentally-friendly buildings in the future, and Emilee possesses the knowledge to help us. We look forward to working with Emilee and continuing on LEED certified projects.”

CM Black to Finish Two Cabarrus Projects, Begin Work on Hinds Feet Farm

CM Black to Finish Two Cabarrus Projects, Begin Work on Hinds Feet Farm

CC BOE Office BuildingCM Black Construction Company is wrapping up two other projects in Cabarrus County.

CM Black completed a new project at the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center at the end of August. The 10,000 square foot facility replaces a mobile unit and also houses the fair’s management offices.

Construction of the building was approved by the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners in March. CM Black completed the structure on time, an important achievement since the annual Cabarrus County Fair begins September , which attracts thousands of visitors.

“We are happy to construct this building for the county,” CM Black Vice President Clinton Black said. “We knew how important it was to have the building completed before the fair opened, and we made sure to meet our deadlines while maintaining the quality that our customers expect.”

CM Black is also scheduled to complete the Board of Elections building in the coming weeks. That 10,000 square foot structure has been under construction since March, and is part of Cabarrus County’s initiative for sustainable buildings. Deputy County Manager Mike Downs discussed the building and working with CM Black in this video.

“The Board of Elections Building is a CM at-risk project that shows our capability as a builder,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “We are pleased to meet our required timeframe for this structure and show how we can successfully approach CM at-risk projects.”

CM Black is also expected to break ground in the coming weeks for a new facility at Hinds Feet Farm in Huntersville, NC. The 7,100 square foot facility is a non-ambulatory care facility for patients who have sustained a brain injury and will house six full-time patients including a full staff. The project, located off N.C. 73 in Huntersville, is at the existing Hinds Feet Farm facilities.

The single story structure will be built using conventional wood framing and a combination of stone veneer and poplar bark shingles, and is expected to be completed by the spring. The roof will consist of a pitched pre-formed metal roof with dormers, similar to a residential set up. CM Black previously constructed the arts and crafts facility at Hinds Feet Farm.

“We are excited to continue our long-standing relationship with Hinds Feet Farm,” CM Black Vice President Clinton Black said. “We look forward to beginning this project and working with the people of Hinds Feet Farm again.” For more information on Hinds Feet Farm , please visit

Wingate’s Levine College of Health Sciences Building Opens to Rave Reviews

The Levine College of Health Sciences Building at Wingate University started in February 2010 as a vision, to create one of the top pharmacy school buildings in the nation.

Now, that vision is a reality, as the 69,000 square foot building is opening for students this fall amid rave reviews for the design and construction of the structure.

“Dr. Craig Boyer told me he has personally been in 110 of the 115 pharmacy schools in America, and this building is the finest he has ever seen,” Wingate University President Jerry McGee said at the ribbon cutting for the facility earlier this month. “I agree with Dr. Boyer.”

Philanthropist Leon Levine, who provided much of the funding for the Wingate building and has funded many other buildings in the Charlotte metropolitan area, was also pleased with the structure named after him.

“This is a beautiful building and we should all be proud of it,” he said at the ceremony. “I think what I am happiest about is that this building was completed on time and (under) budget. Some of our buildings haven’t been able to say that.”

The three-story building is comprised of a structural steel frame, metal stud exterior walls, and brick veneer that is accented with pre-cast bands. Its roof is a standing seam metal roof, and the inside includes two laboratories, complete with laboratory casework.

“We could not be more pleased with the Levine College of Health Sciences building,” said CM Black President Emmitt Black. “It is one of the finest buildings we have constructed in our 60-year history. It is a credit to everyone involved in the project, and we are thrilled to continue our relationship with Wingate University with this project.”

The building is targeted to receive Silver LEED certification. The building will house the School of Pharmacy and Physicians Assistant at Wingate, and is one of the landmark achievements in CM Black’s 60-year history.

“As we move into this LEED-certified masterpiece, this has been more of a partnership than any project I can remember engaging in,” said McGee.

The facility is the seventh building constructed at Wingate by CM Black. It is the largest structure on the Wingate campus, and only the second LEED certified building in Union County. It also is designed to meet the highest standards in teaching with three 90-seat lecture halls, two 50-seat classrooms, clinical simulations labs, decision simulation labs, a physical assessment lab, a pharmacy practice lab, an iv admixture lab, a fitness center, food service, conference rooms, and a biomedical science library and drug information center.

“We can be proud of this structure,” said Thomas Williams, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Wingate. “If this building is any indication, Wingate has the prescription for a bright future.”

Wingate University Phase III Residence Hall

Wingate University’s newest Residence Hall was completed in 2010, 20 percent faster than similar projects due to the urgent need of the university, which faced record freshman enrollment. The 26,536 square foot 3-story structure consists of wood frame construction with exterior masonry veneer and vinyl siding.

The housing structure contains nine suites consisting of four shared bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, common living area and kitchen.

“The new apartment building is beautiful and comfortable.”

Jerry McGee, Wingate University President