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Western Avenue Baptist Church

Western Avenue Baptist Church

The 42,000 SF Educational Building ties in to the existing building and consists of wood framed walls with wooden trusses and brick veneer.

The facility includes a nursery, three serving kitchens and classrooms for children and adults. Included as a part of this project is a renovation of approximately 3,000 SF of the existing building with the addition of new parking lots and sidewalks.




Hinds Feet Farm Phase I

Hinds Feet Farm Phase I

387544_271531546235395_886960860_nThis 3,330 SF rustic design Arts and Crafts facility (referred to as the Ark) consists of hand-hewed beams and rafters, exterior pealed log columns, rough sawed vertical siding, Tennessee stone veneer, and a standing seam copper roof. The interior contains custom heart pine and maple casework, custom light fixtures and heart pine doors, tile floors and granite counter tops.

The Ark is used to provide an enriched and nurturing environment for brain injury survivors through arts and crafts therapy, physical therapy, an alternative place to eat meals, and as a gathering place for families to spend with a loved one.

CM Black Initiates Several Projects in Charlotte region

CM Black Initiates Several Projects in Charlotte region

Ben Mynatt Buick GMC_RenderingCM Black Construction Company has been busy with other major projects throughout the Charlotte region in addition to the Levine College of Health Sciences project.

CM Black has begun a new project for the Ben Mynatt Buick GMC dealership in Concord. This project will include an interior renovation as well as an external façade upgrade. The building will feature all new interior finishes, and the exterior upgrade will house custom aluminum composite wall panels to accent and enhance the look of the dealership. To see a rendering of the building, click here.

The retrofit will also feature the construction of a new car canopy, and will also showcase a freestanding GM tower accenting the front and main entry. The project will also include new doors at the service bay and other enhancements for the dealership.

“We’re excited to begin this project and help Ben Mynatt upgrade their facilities to serve their customers,” said CM Black Project Manager Justin Black.

CM Black has several other projects it is currently working on. CM Black has also begun work on an upgrade to the facilities at Atlas Signs in Concord. The project includes almost 10,000 square feet of new interior office space inside the existing facility, and a new canopy to the front entrance. It is expected to be completed by mid-January.

CM Black has also completed grading work at the 4541 Enterprise Drive facility in the International Business Park in Concord. The speculative building has the option to expand to more than 140,000 square feet. To view the plan, facility and surrounding land, click here.

CM Black also continues work on the new facility at Hinds Feet Farm in Huntersville, NC. The 7,100 square foot facility is a non-ambulatory care facility for patients who have sustained a brain injury and will house six full-time patients including a full staff. The project, located off N.C. 73 in Huntersville, is at the existing Hinds Feet Farm facilities.

The single story structure will be built using conventional wood framing and a combination of stone veneer and poplar bark shingles, and is expected to be completed by the spring.  The roof will consist of a pitched pre-formed metal roof with dormers, similar to a residential set up.  For more information on Hinds Feet Farm, please visit

“We are pleased to be working on so many different projects and helping businesses in our region,” said CM Black President Emmitt Black. “We look forward to finishing these projects to our customers’ satisfaction in the coming months.”

Economic Outlook More Promising in Commercial Construction Industry

Economic Outlook More Promising in Commercial Construction Industry

high-rise-commercial-construction-office-buildingCommercial construction has been slow to recover from the Great Recession, but there are more signs pointing to a turnaround now than at any time since that economic decline began.

Nationally, construction companies added more than 26,000 jobs between August and September, and the unemployment rate in the industry has dropped four points in the past year.

“These numbers give us a taste for how investing in construction activity can really boost overall employment figures,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the CEO of the Associated General Contractors of America. “However, the real question is whether these numbers are an anomaly or the start of a positive trend.”

Locally, the news was also encouraging. North Carolina added 2,800 construction jobs in those two months. McGraw-Hill also estimates North Carolina’s 2011 contracts at $11.2 billion, a seven percent increase from 2010.

“We have been waiting for the construction industry to stabilize for a while, but it is a positive sign to see these encouraging numbers,” said CM Black President Emmitt Black. “We are hoping this is a sign of things to come.”

Tim Marburger Dodge

Tim Marburger Dodge


This 45,000 SF single-story building features a showroom, service bays and office facilities. It is a combination of pre-engineered and structural steel with metal stud framing. The exterior is made up of synthetic materials and masonry with a pre-engineered standing seam roof. Special features include imported Italian porcelain tile floors, zolatone paint and custom-built casework.

“It took a real effort to blend both pre-engineered and custom construction together. Since this was not only an automotive show room, but also the dealer’s corporate headquarters, it was very important that finished building was a real showplace.”
Emmitt Black

“Our teams really worked well on this beautifully designed project by Yates/Chreitzberg, the architect of record. The buildings seamlessly combine pre-engineered and custom construction. The finished building speaks for itself. We are now building a second dealership for Tim Marburger in Shelby, N.C.”
Clinton M. Black II

“In a world of unfulfilled contracts and broken promises, CM Black delivered, did what they said they would do and when they promised to do it.”
“We are pleased to announce that we have chosen CM Black to build a Chrysler/Jeep/Nissan dealership for us in Shelby.”

Tim Marburger
Marburger Automotive Group

Albemarle City Hall

Albemarle City Hall

The renovation and expansion of the Albemarle City Hall was awarded the Best Public Building Improvement award by the North Carolina Main Street Center in 2010. The project added more than 30,000 square feet to the complex and also renovated the original 12,000 square foot structure. It will enable the city’s administrative functions to be consolidated into one facility.


The project added more than 30,000 square feet to the complex and also renovated the original 12,000 square foot structure. It will enable the city’s administrative functions to be consolidated into one facility.

The historic city hall first opened in 1938. The facility includes a new city council chambers that can seat at least 100 people. The facility also has a community training room, a new audio/visual system, and a drive-through collections window. It can also be expanded if necessary.

One of the most impressive aspects of the project was that it was completed on time with a total project cost of $9.5 million, more than $1 million under the original budget.

“CM Black did a terrific job. All the comments I have received and heard here say the building couldn’t be any nicer. CM Black is to be commended. We were fortunate to have them on the project.”

Albemarle Mayor Elbert “Whit” Whitley Jr.

Wingate University Hayes Classroom

Wingate University Hayes Classroom


The 13,000 square-foot Hayes Classroom building features wood frame and masonry veneer. It houses 11 state-of-the-art classrooms and two office suites. The classrooms are fully equipped for multi-media, web-based, interactive instruction, and provide a wireless computer environment for faculty and students.

The building is designed to complement the architecture of the adjacent and recently renovated Burris Hall, Wingate’s oldest classroom building dating back to 1933.

Shelby Motors Chrysler-Jeep-Nissan Building

Shelby Motors Chrysler-Jeep-Nissan Building


The new Shelby Motors Chrysler-Jeep-Nissan dealership now consists of two buildings tied together with a drive-though canopy, totaling 21,245 SF. The facility is constructed of a pre-engineered building frame, metal studs and gypsum wallboard interior masonry walls, with a masonry and synthetic exterior finish.








Green Building Outlook

Green Building Outlook

lfhcredits2Some trends in construction don’t have staying power, but it appears green building will continue to be a big trend well into the next decade and beyond.

Bank of America announced earlier this month that 20 percent of its office space will be LEED certified by 2015, and New York, Chicago and Washington DC all expect to have more than 650 LEED-certified buildings constructed in the coming years. There is already more than 1 billion square feet of LEED-certified projects built throughout the world, and that number continues to grow.

Locally, two data centers to be constructed by Time Warner Cable will also be LEED-certified. Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Family Dollar have also been recognized for their green building efforts.

CM Black Construction Company understands the value of green building and its benefits to the environment, and continues its pledge to utilize LEED-certified buildings whenever feasible.

“We have already had extensive experience with LEED-certified projects, including the Levine College of Health Sciences Building at Wingate University and the Board of Elections building in Cabarrus County,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “Our staff is committed to building sustainable buildings that include recycled materials and minimal waste as much as possible, and we look forward to keeping up that effort.”

The Levine College of Health Sciences building illustrates that. That building recycled nearly 90 percent of its waste, and 30 percent of its construction was done with recycled materials.

The project also cut down on emissions because more than 44 percent of materials were extracted and manufactured locally. The project also had more than 83 percent of its wood FSC-certified, and also substantially enhanced its indoor air quality through specified HVAC safeguards and tactics.

All of those techniques are expected to help the Levine College of Health Sciences building earn a silver LEED certification, and continue CM Black’s quest for green building.

“We carefully examined every step of the building process for the Levine College of Health Sciences building to ensure we were adhering to the green building standards to maintain LEED certification,” CM Black LEED AP Project Manager Justin Black said. “This building is not only a marvel to look at, but an environmentally friendly structure that will be a big benefit in the years to come.”

CM Black adds Emilee Black Stamper as Project Manager

CM Black Construction Company continues its growth with the addition of Emilee Stamper as a Project Manager. Emilee has a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management from UNC Charlotte, and also holds a General Contractor’s Building License. Emilee is also continuing CM Black’s focus on Green Building, and recently earned her Green Associate Accreditation, the first pre-requisite for the LEED AP Accreditation.

“I’m ready to help our clients develop their green building ideas and continue that trend,” Emilee said. “I’ve always seen the construction business up close all my life and I am looking forward to this challenge,”

Emilee is the daughter of CM Black President Emmitt Black, continuing the family business into its third generation along with cousin Justin Black, who is also a Project Manager.

“We are happy to have Emilee join our team,” said CM Black Vice President Clinton Black. “We are committed to constructing sustainable and environmentally-friendly buildings in the future, and Emilee possesses the knowledge to help us. We look forward to working with Emilee and continuing on LEED certified projects.”

CM Black to Finish Two Cabarrus Projects, Begin Work on Hinds Feet Farm

CM Black to Finish Two Cabarrus Projects, Begin Work on Hinds Feet Farm

CC BOE Office BuildingCM Black Construction Company is wrapping up two other projects in Cabarrus County.

CM Black completed a new project at the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center at the end of August. The 10,000 square foot facility replaces a mobile unit and also houses the fair’s management offices.

Construction of the building was approved by the Cabarrus County Board of Commissioners in March. CM Black completed the structure on time, an important achievement since the annual Cabarrus County Fair begins September , which attracts thousands of visitors.

“We are happy to construct this building for the county,” CM Black Vice President Clinton Black said. “We knew how important it was to have the building completed before the fair opened, and we made sure to meet our deadlines while maintaining the quality that our customers expect.”

CM Black is also scheduled to complete the Board of Elections building in the coming weeks. That 10,000 square foot structure has been under construction since March, and is part of Cabarrus County’s initiative for sustainable buildings. Deputy County Manager Mike Downs discussed the building and working with CM Black in this video.

“The Board of Elections Building is a CM at-risk project that shows our capability as a builder,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “We are pleased to meet our required timeframe for this structure and show how we can successfully approach CM at-risk projects.”

CM Black is also expected to break ground in the coming weeks for a new facility at Hinds Feet Farm in Huntersville, NC. The 7,100 square foot facility is a non-ambulatory care facility for patients who have sustained a brain injury and will house six full-time patients including a full staff. The project, located off N.C. 73 in Huntersville, is at the existing Hinds Feet Farm facilities.

The single story structure will be built using conventional wood framing and a combination of stone veneer and poplar bark shingles, and is expected to be completed by the spring. The roof will consist of a pitched pre-formed metal roof with dormers, similar to a residential set up. CM Black previously constructed the arts and crafts facility at Hinds Feet Farm.

“We are excited to continue our long-standing relationship with Hinds Feet Farm,” CM Black Vice President Clinton Black said. “We look forward to beginning this project and working with the people of Hinds Feet Farm again.” For more information on Hinds Feet Farm , please visit

Wingate’s Levine College of Health Sciences Building Opens to Rave Reviews

The Levine College of Health Sciences Building at Wingate University started in February 2010 as a vision, to create one of the top pharmacy school buildings in the nation.

Now, that vision is a reality, as the 69,000 square foot building is opening for students this fall amid rave reviews for the design and construction of the structure.

“Dr. Craig Boyer told me he has personally been in 110 of the 115 pharmacy schools in America, and this building is the finest he has ever seen,” Wingate University President Jerry McGee said at the ribbon cutting for the facility earlier this month. “I agree with Dr. Boyer.”

Philanthropist Leon Levine, who provided much of the funding for the Wingate building and has funded many other buildings in the Charlotte metropolitan area, was also pleased with the structure named after him.

“This is a beautiful building and we should all be proud of it,” he said at the ceremony. “I think what I am happiest about is that this building was completed on time and (under) budget. Some of our buildings haven’t been able to say that.”

The three-story building is comprised of a structural steel frame, metal stud exterior walls, and brick veneer that is accented with pre-cast bands. Its roof is a standing seam metal roof, and the inside includes two laboratories, complete with laboratory casework.

“We could not be more pleased with the Levine College of Health Sciences building,” said CM Black President Emmitt Black. “It is one of the finest buildings we have constructed in our 60-year history. It is a credit to everyone involved in the project, and we are thrilled to continue our relationship with Wingate University with this project.”

The building is targeted to receive Silver LEED certification. The building will house the School of Pharmacy and Physicians Assistant at Wingate, and is one of the landmark achievements in CM Black’s 60-year history.

“As we move into this LEED-certified masterpiece, this has been more of a partnership than any project I can remember engaging in,” said McGee.

The facility is the seventh building constructed at Wingate by CM Black. It is the largest structure on the Wingate campus, and only the second LEED certified building in Union County. It also is designed to meet the highest standards in teaching with three 90-seat lecture halls, two 50-seat classrooms, clinical simulations labs, decision simulation labs, a physical assessment lab, a pharmacy practice lab, an iv admixture lab, a fitness center, food service, conference rooms, and a biomedical science library and drug information center.

“We can be proud of this structure,” said Thomas Williams, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Wingate. “If this building is any indication, Wingate has the prescription for a bright future.”

Wingate University Phase III Residence Hall

Wingate University’s newest Residence Hall was completed in 2010, 20 percent faster than similar projects due to the urgent need of the university, which faced record freshman enrollment. The 26,536 square foot 3-story structure consists of wood frame construction with exterior masonry veneer and vinyl siding.

The housing structure contains nine suites consisting of four shared bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own bathroom, common living area and kitchen.

“The new apartment building is beautiful and comfortable.”

Jerry McGee, Wingate University President

Wingate University Fine Arts Center/Auditorium

This 46,000 SF fine arts center/auditorium features a steel frame structural system and masonry veneer. The fine arts center/auditorium consists of a combination of theatrical and music departments. Special features of this facility include a main auditorium for seating 528 people, an auxiliary recital hall that seats 275 people and a secured gallery for storage of permanent art displays.

The main auditorium has a stage complete with theatrical rigging and a 400 SF orchestra pit nine feet below finished floor.

“Good communication and working closely with the architect made this project a success.”

Emmitt Black

“Hands on management, the ability to meet the architect’s and the owner’s requests on time made this a really successful project. We are fortunate to have great clients and team members that makes us look good.”

Clinton M. Black II

“During my 30-year career in higher education, I’ve been involved in the planning and construction of dozens of campus facilities. The most pleasant and successful project I have dealt with was the construction of the George Batte Fine Arts Center on the Wingate University campus. It was an absolute joy to work with Clinton and Emmitt Black and their entire staff. I recommend them with great enthusiasm.”

Jerry E. McGee
Wingate University

CM Black to Construct New Building at Cabarrus Arena

Concord, NC— CM Black Construction Company will begin construction on a new office and storage building at the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center this month.

The facility will include permanent offices for county fair management and more than 10,000 square foot of space.

The facility will replace a mobile unit currently used for the fair management office. The project is expected to be completed within four months. The project is CM Black’s second project currently under construction for Cabarrus County. CM Black is also working on a new Board of Elections building in downtown Concord that is scheduled to be completed this summer.

“We are excited to move forward with this new project at the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center and continue our relationship with Cabarrus County,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “We pride ourselves on finishing jobs on time and under budget, and we look forward to getting to work on this project for the county.”

The Cabarrus Arena and Events Center is located at 4751 U.S. 49 North in Concord. The 2011 Cabarrus County Fair will be from Sept. 9 through Sept. 17.

About CM Black Construction Company
Founded in 1950, CM Black is an independent, family-owned, LEED accredited general contractor for commercial, industrial and institutional projects in and around the Concord, N.C. region. CM Black provides all of the services needed to complete any commercial, industrial or institutional construction project, including: pre-construction, general construction, negotiated construction, design/build construction and bidding construction. CM Black Construction Co., Inc. is bonded and licensed as an unlimited contractor. For more information on CM Black, please visit or call (704) 788-4438.

International Corporate Center (Phase I)

The 70,100 SF Flex Office/Warehouse Facility is a single-story structure consisting of a steel frame and precast concrete tilt-up wall construction with metal roof deck substrate. The facility is comprised of a roofing system that includes a mechanically fastened TPO membrane and an aluminum storefront window system with tinted insulated glass.

TASCA Race Team

The TASCA race team needed a facility centrally located in Concord, NC, considered by many to be the home of motorsports. With the addition of the new Z-Max Dragway, several NHRA teams have moved into the area to call Concord their home headquarters.

The building, which is nearly 10,000 square feet, is a pre-fabricated metal building. Inside the building are the offices for the Crew Chief and Co-Crew Chief. The rest of the race shop consists of mostly open area for fabrication and work performed on the 300 mph Funny Car. There is also a room dedicated to a blower dyno, where the crew can test/monitor/adjust the parameters of the supercharger that propels the car.

North Albemarle Baptist Church

The 13,000 SF Sanctuary is constructed of a structural steel frame, brick veneered with EIFS trim, metal stud interior framing and a standing seam roof. The new sanctuary includes a baptistery and encompasses the refurbished stained glass windows from the original church.

The 11,000 SF Family Life Center is a pre-engineered building with brick veneer and EIFS trim, metal stud interior framing and a standing seam roof. The Family Life Center includes a full gymnasium, commercial kitchen and youth assembly rooms.

The 2-story 13,000 SF Classroom Building is a pre-engineered building with brick veneer and EIFS trim, metal stud interior framing and a standing seam roof. The Classroom Building includes the administration offices, elevator, classrooms and prayer rooms.

Stanly County Family YMCA

The 13,500 SF natatorium addition features new locker rooms, shower facilities, offices and a state-of-the-art therapeutic pool facility. This addition consisted of a combination of masonry and structural steel, a single-ply roof system and interior metal stud framing.

“We really enjoyed working on this project. We think it reflects our abilities to work with the architect and owner to achieve a great facility on time and on budget.”

Emmitt Black

“This was an addition to an existing structure. We had good lines ofcommunication open at all times with the owner and team members. That’s critically important on a project of this nature.”

Clinton M. Black II

Cannon Memorial YMCA – West Branch Facility

The 65,000 SF West Branch facility is a two-story building consisting of precast and masonry walls with brick veneer. The new YMCA contains two pools (a 9-lane Cool Water Pool and Family Fun Pool), locker rooms, gymnasium, multi-purpose / aerobics rooms, wellness center, YMCA office and Northeast Medical Center Therapy and Fitness Area.

Barber-Scotia Honors Complex

Barber-Scotia Honors Complex

Barber Scotia 10-23-02

The 7,000 SF Honors Complex is a single-story facility consisting of wood construction with brick veneer. The Complex consists of four individual pods linked together that will house eight students per pod. Each pod has a central kitchenette and living area, while the fourth pod consists of a computer classroom and resident’s quarters.

JHE Production Group Inc., Corporate Headquarters

The 28,400-square-foot JHE Production Group corporate headquarters building consists of pre-engineered metal with brick veneer wainscoting. The two-story structure combines 8,000 square feet of office space with a 20,400-square-foot warehouse component.

First Union

First Union

FirstUnion#1-1 (2)

A phase of restoration to the exterior of the First Union Bank building on Union Street in Concord has been completed. This restoration included masonry repair work, painting with fresh elastomeric coatings, the restoration of the old copper cornices and the replacement of the exterior fire escape stair which provides proper egress for future interior restoration and use of the building.

First Charter – Wilmar Financial Center

First Charter – Wilmar Financial Center


The Wilmar Financial Center is a 2-level 21,511 SF branch bank. The facility is slab on grade and supported slab with steel frame construction. Exterior walls are precast concrete panels supported by the structural steel frame and structural concrete. The roofing systems is a standing seam metal roofing and a fully-adhered TPO membrane system on rigid, tapered insulation.




First Charter – Port Village

First Charter – Port Village

Port Village - Larger_retouched

First Charter’s Port Village location on Highway 150 in Mooresville has undergone an expansion and renovation. The project added 1,964 SF of new office space and enlarged and updated the lobby area in the existing space. Exterior updates include the construction of a new entry tower on the front elevation and painting and roof replacement with the familiar First Charter red and white colors.

First Charter Cotswold Mall

First Charter Cotswold Mall

First Charter Cotswold

First Charter – Cotswold Mall branch’s interior and exterior renovations have been completed. The interior scope of work consisted of the reconfiguration of interior offices, new casework, wallpaper, painting, and floor coverings. The existing roof was removed and replaced with a standing seam metal roof. The exterior received a new coat of paint along with new landscaping.

CT Communications Operations Center Addition

CT Communications Operations Center Addition


The new addition to the operations facility consisted of an additional 12,700 SF. The same major building components used in the original building were utilized in this new addition.

“Building is basically a simple process. Plan together. Work together. Take pride in what you do. At the end of the day you have a good building and everyone’s happy.”

Clinton M. Black II

CT Communications Operations Center

CT Communications Operations Center


This 12,400 SF single-story building functions as CT Communications’ operations facility. The building consists of steel frame construction with metal deck roof substrate and EPDM roofing. Exterior wall construction includes metal studs with composite metal wall panel systems. General interior partitions are comprised of metal studs with conventional drywall construction. This facility contains a generator and UPS system for emergency operation.

“There are plenty of things you can’t control — the weather for example. So you have to learn patience and flexibility. There are plenty of things you can control, however, so you have to learn your craft and learn discipline.”

Clinton M. Black II

S & D Coffee

S & D Coffee


This new warehouse and roaster building includes a combined total of 72,000 SF. The warehouse consisted of a pre-engineered building, while the roaster building was made of structural steel and contained a pre-engineered skin.

“This was a pre-engineered building. Everyone worked well together and the bottom line was a happy customer.”

Emmitt Black

“Our experience with pre-engineered buildings really helped us meet this particular client’s expectations — on time and on budget.”

Clinton M. Black II

Oiles America Corporation

Oiles America Corporation


With an exterior that consists of storefront glass and brick veneer and an interior that features both office and manufacturing uses, the recently completed 32,129 square-foot addition provides much needed space for the rapidly growing Oiles America Corporation. Oiles America, a worldwide supplier to the automotive industry, has undergone two expansions, increasing its Concord facility to 77,687 square feet.


Nasco Supply

Nasco Supply


This 120,000 SF pre-engineered warehouse was constructed to be used as a distribution facility that would need high-pile stacking. The warehouse features an extra reinforced concrete slab, ESFR sprinkler system, gas air-rotation HVAC and high bay lighting.

Emmitt Black

“We understood how this project needed to go and we simply did it without fanfare.”

Clinton M. Black II

Juba Aluminum Products

Juba Aluminum Products


This 38,000 SF corporate headquarters and warehouse consists of structural steel, composite metal wall panels and custom curtainwall. The facility features office space and a manufacturing area, along with additional flex space for future leasing.

“We sought out a contractor who conducted their business with the highest integrity, one who knew the full meaning of partnership and team work. We are pleased to announce that CM Black Construction Company met and exceeded all of our expectations of a first class general contractor.”

We were particularly pleased that the principals of the company gave very close personal attention to our project. The project was on time and within the original budget. We would recommend them to any owner and/or developer in the industry. What a great organization!

John Juba
Juba Aluminum Products Co., Inc.


Harrisburg Fire Department

Harrisburg Fire Department

Picture 010

This office building is utilized by both Harrisburg Fire Dept. personnel and Harrisburg Sheriff Dept. personnel. The 3,700 square-foot building is a single story, metal stud with brick veneer structure that includes offices for the Fire Chief and Sheriff. It also includes a training room for training purposes.

NorthEast Medical Center – Parking Deck

NorthEast Medical Center – Parking Deck


The 800-car employee parking deck is located on the hospital’s main campus. The parking deck is constructed of precast concrete with ornamental brick accents. Additional components such as the stair towers and elevator cores have exterior fenestration and covered roofing elements.

Why Sustainable Buildings are the Future

Cabarrus County Deputy Manager Mike Downs discusses why his county is utilizing sustainable buildings, and how CM Black helped them in that process in the construction of the Board of Elections building in downtown Concord, which was completed in August 2011. That project was completed on time and under budget, and gave the city the first of many expected sustainable buildings for the future.

To learn more about CM Black’s efforts in LEED certified construction, please click here.

Progressive Baptist Church

Progressive Baptist Church


This 6,600-square-foot Fellowship Hall addition consists of a wood framed structure with exterior masonry veneer and an aluminum storefront entrance with windows. Housed in the traditionally-designed space are classrooms, offices, a kitchen area and new fellowship hall.


First Assembly of God – Albemarle, NC

First Assembly of God – Albemarle, NC


The new 654-seat sanctuary features a choir platform, baptistery, bridal room and a custom-built cross. Other touches include a state-of-the-art audio and video set up and dramatic stained glass windows.

The exterior of the 12,000-square-foot building consists of accent panels and brick veneer.






Cabarrus Dance Academy

Cabarrus Dance Academy

DSC_0126This project is an approximately 9,000-square-foot pre-engineered building with a brick façade, EIFS accents, and aluminum storefront windows. A 4,500-sq-ft area will house The Cabarrus Dance Academy. The Cabarrus Dance Academy has a tile vestibule, carpeted waiting area, two dance studios and a multi-purpose room with a cush II maple flooring system and floor to ceiling mirrors, a dressing room, a teacher’s lounge, and a retail dance store. The remainder of the 4,500-sq-ft building is divided into three shell retail spaces for upfit by future tenants.

Cabarrus County Boys & Girls Club

Cabarrus County Boys & Girls Club


This Boys & Girls Club’s facility consists of a 48,529 SF two-story building. The main level consists of approximately 32,123 SF and the upper level will consist of approximately 16,406 SF. The main components of the building are: main and practice gymnasiums, a kitchen/concessions area, toilets and showers, office area and various multi-purpose rooms and classrooms. The facility is composed of steel and masonry.

Boy Scouts of America Camp – John J. Barnhardt Pool Facility

Boy Scouts of America Camp – John J. Barnhardt Pool Facility


A new swimming pool and pool house was built for the Boy Scouts of America at Camp John J. Barnhardt in New London, NC. The new swimming pool, which is 3,128 SF with a capacity of 113,000 gallons features reinforced concrete construction and was built by Paddock Pools of Rock Hill, SC.

The new pool house includes 3,040 SF of heated space with an additional 1,368 SF under roof to be used for outdoor instruction and training. The pool house construction consists of reinforced masonry walls with an engineered roof truss system. The facility includes a total of (18) toilets / urinals and (18) private showers including two private special needs dressing areas. Shower areas provide separate spaces to accommodate both male and female swimmers.

Exterior finishes include split face masonry with pre-finished vinyl boxing and architectural roof shingles. Interior walls, floors and ceilings have epoxy coatings.

Precision Eye Center

Precision Eye Center


This 2,700 SF eye clinic consists of a structural steel main structure with metal stud wall construction for interior and exterior walls.

The exterior finish is composed of synthetic stucco (EIFS) with white storefront window components. The interior consists of three examination rooms with additional testing and laboratory rooms for preparing eye care products for clients.

Coltrane Life Center

Coltrane Life Center


The Coltrane Life Center is a 10,600 SF adult care facility specializing in the daytime care needs of older adults. Building construction consists of traditional wood-frame methods with structural metal wall studs. The building’s exterior features extended overhangs and exposed rafters, providing both architectural appeal and covered outdoor activity spaces. Two secure courtyard areas provide additional areas for gardening and other activities for participants. The building’s exterior finishes include cedar shakes and board and batten siding with masonry veneer accents.Interior features of the facility include a full-service commercial kitchen, staff offices, therapy and treatment rooms, a beauty salon and areas for daytime programming.

“Having this facility is just like heaven. I can’t say enough positive things about CM Black Construction. Working with CM Black and our construction supervisor,Jennings Koontz, was wonderful. They were all so cooperative and would do anything I asked of them — even at 5 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. CM Black made the entire construction process a great experience.”

Susan Caudle
Executive Director
Coltrane Life Center

Wingate University – Cannon Hall Annex

Wingate University – Cannon Hall Annex

CannonAnnexBldg (1)

The approximately 20,100 square-foot Cannon Hall Annex blends with the style of existing housing to create a unified look. The three-story structure, designed by Yates Chreitzberg Hughes Architects, contains nine suites consisting of four bedrooms. Each bedroom will accommodate two students and shares a bathroom, common living area and kitchen.

Green Building Continues to Make Impact in 2011

McGraw Hill projects a 16 percent increase in commercial construction in 2011, and green building is also expected to continue to surge.

Kyle Bilafer, the Director of General Services for Cabarrus County, said his county is expecting to do more green building, and expects that trend to continue elsewhere.

“I think that is the way that all government is going to go,” he said. “Charlotte-Mecklenburg is already building LEED certified buildings, and if you look at what the state is mandating, that’s the direction to expect.”

North Carolina began N.C. Project Green in 1998, a program designed to encourage green building throughout the state government. The state has begun sustainable building policies, and those policies are now being implemented at the local level.

Sustainable buildings are a key part of Cabarrus County’s construction philosophy. According to Mike Downs, deputy county manager for Cabarrus County, that philosophy is geared toward keeping Cabarrus County ahead of the curve in constructing sustainable buildings.

“We want to be a leader in that regard,” he said. “If you want to push the movement toward sustainable buildings, you have to participate in the movement. We have the power to be the leader, but we also want to help to encourage the private sector to do the same.”

Bilafer said the county has several other reasons for pursuing green building as well.

“I would say our main reasons are to have less impact on the environment, better health effects on the people who will use the building, the cost savings involved, and having less of a carbon footprint,” he said.

Bilafer said the shift to green building can have an immediate impact on the environment, and said the cost benefits can make a big difference later.

“You’ll realize a lot of those savings later after the project has been completed,” he said. “But we’re committed to a sustainability effort from here on.”

Those sustainability efforts include the Cabarrus County Board of Elections building, that CM Black is expected to build this year. Justin Black, LEED AP for CM Black, said there will be many green initiatives with the project to encourage a sustainable approach to design.

The project will have several key tactics for sustainability. The project will:

  • Track the percentage of waste to be recycled and diverted from landfills.
  • Track Materials for Regional Priority, reducing fuel and trucking costs.
  • Utilize Low Volatile Organic Compound products, to reduce exposure for occupants.
  • Incorporate higher-efficiency Roof Top Units in its HVAC system and MERV 8 filters to virtually eliminate dust or other particles
  • Utilize open space and day lighting
  • Include Solar Tubes for natural sunlight, and use occupancy sensors for other lighting
  • Feature FSC Certified Wood and other features inside to promote green philosophies.

Implementing those tactics should produce major results. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, green buildings can save up to 50 % on energy usage, 40% of water usage, and 50% or more of waste.

Bilafer said that what can be done depends on the building that is being constructed, but he said he expects green building to continue for years to come.

“You never have apples to apples comparison with buildings,” he said. “Some buildings have more limitations on what kind of green building practices you can implement. But the biggest thing for us is we want to maintain a building philosophy that prevents urban sprawl while having the least amount of impact on the environment and our resources.”

CM Black Finishing College of Health Sciences Building, Other Projects

CM Black isn’t just focusing on green building with the Board of Election building in Cabarrus County however. The construction company continues work on the Levine College of Health Sciences Building at Wingate University.

That building is targeted to receive Silver LEED certification and is also on schedule and under budget. Construction began on that building in February 2010, and the building is expected to be completed later this spring. It will open for students for the fall semester in August.

That building includes more than 69,000 square feet of space and will also house the School of Pharmacy at Wingate. The project, already considered one of the top health sciences buildings in the region, has been completed on schedule by CM Black and within budget.

“We are very proud of the Levine College of Health Sciences building and we look forward to its completion,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Wingate University and are very pleased with the resulting building.”

The Cabarrus County Commissioners approved the county’s Board of Elections building construction in March. CM Black will renovate the 10,000 square foot structure. Work on the building is scheduled to begin this month, and it is scheduled to be completed this summer.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Cabarrus County on the building, and make it both more functional and also more environmentally friendly,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “We have always had a strong relationship with the county, and are pleased to continue that relationship with this project.”

Higher Education Projects Continue Growth Statewide

While many colleges and universities are facing budget difficulties, construction continues to surge.

UNC-Asheville is renovating five dormitories and constructing a new building. The university is also building a new track, health and wellness center, and renovating two classroom buildings.

UNC Charlotte is also in the midst of major construction projects. The university is building new recreational fields off of John Kirk Drive, a new motor sports building, new residence halls (depending on enrollment growth) and more parking options on campus. The school will also have a groundbreaking for its new football stadium in April. Queens University of Charlotte has also been part of the construction boom. The university has begun a $100 million capital improvement campaign, including construction on a new science and health building later this year, and a $30 million wellness center. In addition, Pfeiffer University has added a new campus in the Research Triangle Park, and Davidson College opened a new residence hall this year.

Wingate University will open its Levine College of Health Sciences building later this year, and has already seen record freshman enrollment for the current year. Wingate University has a relationship with CM Black that spans more than a decade, and the construction company has built at least seven projects on campus.

“We understand that colleges and universities are undergoing constant change, and need state-of-the-art facilities to keep up with the rising student population and public demand for excellence,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “This growth isn’t just a trend that will fizzle, it’s going to be a constant for the next decade or longer. We want to help colleges and universities keep pace with that growth.”

CM Black featured in DDC Magazine, Charlotte Business Journal

CM Black’s work at Wingate University has been featured in two prominent publications.

The DDC Journal did a feature on the Levine College of Health Sciences building scheduled to be completed in the spring (see page 24-25 of the issue to see more). The Charlotte Business Journal and Charlotte Observer did a story about the completion of the university’s most recent residence hall, which was completed in December and finished 20 percent faster than buildings of similar dimensions.

CM Black was also recently featured in an article in the Concord Independent-Tribune about the company’s 60th anniversary, and its Albemarle City Hall upfit and renovation was also cited by the North Carolina Main Street Center as the Best Public Building Improvement in 2010.

That news and other information are also available on CM Black’s Facebook Page. That page has seen significant upgrades, allowing visitors more opportunities to see the company’s projects and keep updated on news. To learn more,