Three keys to meeting deadlines in commercial construction

Three keys to meeting deadlines in commercial construction

Commercial construction involves projects that can sometimes take a year or longer to complete. Those kinds of multimillion dollar projects are often pushed back because of unexpected delays and other glitches that can hold up the building process.

Those kinds of delays can cost business owners, construction companies, and many others in the project, thousands of dollars. CM Black Construction Company has been in the construction business for 60 years, and the Concord construction firm has built a reputation for finishing projects on time.

Recent construction and renovation of the Albemarle City Hall and many projects at Wingate University all finished on time, but CM Black officials said there is no secret formula for getting work done on schedule. Each project is different, especially whether the project has been negotiated or competitively bid. Those variances each create their own set of special challenges, but CM Black President Emmitt Black said three primary philosophies have helped keep the company’s projects on track no matter how they are started.

1. Planning, planning, planning

Every CM Black project is meticulously planned down through every detail.

“Before the project even starts I am looking six months down the road,” CM Black President Emmitt Black said. “You have to know where the potential trouble can be.”

CM Black studies all blueprints, and carefully examines all potential trouble spots well before getting started. That trouble can seem to be in the smallest of details, from the light levels in a room to where fixtures will be placed, but if changes are made later in the process, they are more likely to create delays in the finish date.

2. Communicate thoroughly with everyone involved in the project.

CM Black views a construction project as a collaboration between builder, engineer, architect and owner. Emmitt Black said subcontractors must also be kept up to speed on everything involved with the project, to limit the number of change orders that need to be implemented.

“We try to work out any potential problems with the architects even before we get started,” Emmitt Black said.

Once construction has started, Emmitt Black said his company communicates frequently with the owner of the facility and continuously updates them on progress. Getting so many people involved early in a project creates a sense of ownership, and once they fully understand the parameters of a project, the process will go much smoother and eliminate the need for change orders.

3. Do things right.

Mistakes are easy to make on any project, but CM Black’s philosophy is to always check and doublecheck every plan thoroughly before proceeding.

“We try to be prepared for anything, and by being meticulous in what we do, we can make any needed fixes earlier in the process,” Emmitt Black said.

Once a project is started, CM Black follows through with thorough review of each phase of the construction process. Those reviews also help keep construction projects on track, and keep customers satisfied.

“We understand the value of a deadline,” Emmitt Black said. “We want to make sure that we keep things moving and on schedule.”