New Software Helps CM Black Maintain Grading Advantage

New Software Helps CM Black Maintain Grading Advantage

CM Black Construction Company has officially upgraded its grading services through the implementation of the AGTEK software system.

The AGTEK estimating program allows CM Black to be more competitive in its pricing. CM Black officials have undergone extensive training for the software, and now have the capability to create 3D models of landscapes to determine the best course of action.

“We wanted to maintain our advantage with our grading capabilities and AGTEK will help us do that,” said CM Black President Emmitt Black.

The program allows CM Black to create haul plans, monitor production and document for payment; or use Earthwork 3D output with GPS systems to verify land topography, set grades and machine control. The software also helps optimize earthmoving jobs and resolve issues that may arise between developers and contractors.

The program includes not only 3D views, but also creates cut/fill detail maps that can settle quantity discrepancies and streamline grading operations. That can be an essential tool in the planning, since it gives a clear view of any issues that may arise from the land surrounding the project.

“We are really excited to start implementing this program into our construction capabilities,” said project manager Justin Black. “This will give us a vital tool moving forward.”