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Wingate Levine College of Health Sciences Building

The 69,000 square-foot Levine College of Health Sciences facility is comprised of a structural steel frame, metal stud exterior walls, and brick veneer that is accented with pre-cast bands. Its… Read more »

Tillery Tradition Pro Shop

The 18,700 square-foot pro shop and clubhouse facility is a two-story structure consisting of cast-in-place basement walls, suspended concrete 1st floor, wood and metal stud framing with stone and calcium… Read more »

Wingate University Hayes Classroom

The 13,000 square-foot Hayes Classroom building features wood frame and masonry veneer. It houses 11 state-of-the-art classrooms and two office suites. The classrooms are fully equipped for multi-media, web-based, interactive… Read more »

Wingate University Phase III Residence Hall

Wingate University‚Äôs newest Residence Hall was completed in 2010, 20 percent faster than similar projects due to the urgent need of the university, which faced record freshman enrollment. The 26,536… Read more »

Wingate University Fine Arts Center/Auditorium

This 46,000 SF fine arts center/auditorium features a steel frame structural system and masonry veneer. The fine arts center/auditorium consists of a combination of theatrical and music departments. Special features… Read more »

Stanly County Family YMCA

The 13,500 SF natatorium addition features new locker rooms, shower facilities, offices and a state-of-the-art therapeutic pool facility. This addition consisted of a combination of masonry and structural steel, a… Read more »

Barber-Scotia Honors Complex

The 7,000 SF Honors Complex is a single-story facility consisting of wood construction with brick veneer. The Complex consists of four individual pods linked together that will house eight students… Read more »

Wingate University – Cannon Hall Annex

The approximately 20,100 square-foot Cannon Hall Annex blends with the style of existing housing to create a unified look. The three-story structure, designed by Yates Chreitzberg Hughes Architects, contains nine… Read more »